Patio heater recommendation

I am looking for a patio heater that integrates with openHAB.


  • must be availalbe in Germany (shipping from EU would be OK)
  • power requirement: 1.5 - 3 kW
  • should be tripod mountable
  • should be suitable for outdoor use
  • must save last operating status so it can be turned on/off with a Zigbee/Z-Wave power plug (yes, I am aware of the risks and can mitigate them).
  • Wifi would be OK as an alternative, but only if I wouldn’t have to reverse engineer the protocol first
  • remote would be OK if the frequency is 433 MHz
  • as a last resort I could use any remote and convert it into a Zigbee-Heater-Bridge using a cheap Zigbee relay


not sure, what you mean with “intergrating in OH” and “must save last operating status”.

Correct me, if I’m wrong, but this sounds like a perfect “dumb appliance - smart plug” answer? My bet is, there’s a whole bunch of heaters which don’t rely on a “dead man’s switch” to run (which of course is risky - but yeah…).
So, you do seek for some recommendations on heaters which can be driven by a wireless plug (zwave e.g.)?

I am asking for a heater (manufacturer and model no.) that meets my requirements and ideally is already being used successfully by someone.

Yes, a “dumb appliance - smart plug” scenario would be the simplest solution, but unfortunately the dumbness of the heaters can’t be easily gleaned from the product specs, and I’d hate to order heaters and then have to return them because they’re too smart (and keep the user from burning the house down :slight_smile:).

But I’m open to other solutions proven to work.

It’s kind of funny that we want devices to be at either end of the dumb-smart spectrum, but not in-between. I have an air purifier that’s in-between, and it is annoying that I can’t automate it.