(Paying help) Need help set up zwave devices

I am using a raspberry PI 3B, installed with openhabian, zstick gen 5 is plugged to its usb port.

I follow the instructions from this video

I am at the step where I have finished detecting and adding new things, but when I click on “control” tab like he did in the video. Mine is blank but his has all the items set up already.

I think I need to link the channels to items first, but I need to add items first, I haven’t seen a good tutorial on how to do that, or why even do it in the first place. I cannot do any visual studio code thing, I don’t know how to code.

Anyone knows how to set it up?

From your last screenshot you need to proceed: create a new item and link those to your channels.
Please read the basics of openHAB:

This is for a business and I got the go to give reward money to whoever who can solve the problem and set up the zwave devices with openhabian.

The money is exclusive to people who can solve the problem from point A to Z, so vague links won’t count. It is like if I ask for how to do a tourniquet and someone sends you a link to read up on basics on red blood cells first. Looking for results, not philosophy.

Looking for step by step that results in zwave devices being successfully set up using openhabian. You will also need paypal to receive the money.

If you are in Canada, in person help is better and we pay extra for that if interested.

They a bountysource link. This forum is to help people setup and understand their own system so they can maintain it.

If you hire a contractor to set it up you will not understand it and expect them to support it whenever it breaks.

I really, really like you, man.

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Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he… wait u did not want philosophy. Perhaps post what country and city you are in and then someone near you can PM to arrange a visit?

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Since you followed some unknown origin video instructions ask them. You chose to not read and follow the official documentation. Ask for help from the video author.

2 months ago I didn’t even know what a Raspberry Pi is, I thought Blackberry is a phone brand, so Raspberry Pi is another brand of phone or tablet.

But now I know why and can flash images of Openhabian installation, set up raspberry Pi, getting putty to control raspberry Pi on my laptop, etc etc.

I am a beginner and I have working knowledge of how computer works, that’s how I can get this far. But right now I am at a step where VisualStudio Code is involved, it would require learning how to code to get there, and instructions on how to specifically set up the zwave devices in my hands are not found anywhere.

I am hiring a contractor to set it up step by step, to see what they are doing so I can at least understand it on a surface level. If it is easy someone who have given a solution already, but it is not easy, just look at all the replies right now, one gave me definitions on concepts of items(yes, those are read already, those are not instructions on how to set up my devices), one asked me to ask the video author(which I did before writing this thread), one said why not PM someone near me and arrange a visit (Yes, I already wrote it.)

No one actually has a step by step solution, everyone at this point is just talks and redirections to look like they are answering the question, and provide some vague resemblance of helping.

More like “give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Tell him where to get a “The History of Fishing Rod”, and he… is facepalming and confused.”

I am paying people to teach me steps on steps on how it is done.

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already done before the creation of this thread, just looking for more help and quicker.

I do not use Visual Studio Code on my files. I use one of the text Editors already in Linux.

To get help here YOU need to shoe effort. This is not a HelpDesk with complete solutions.

How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

If you need “easy” ,use Home Assistant but I can tell you from experience it may not have the reliability you desire.

Sorry, but seems you have not read and understood the documentation very well.
Going back to your first screenshot you can see a navigation link on the left side called Items.
Going there, you should see an empty page with a “+” symbol on the lower right.
This allows you to create items within PaperUI.
No coding needed, even with VS-Code, no coding wwould be needed, its ias just the name of the editor.

The point is I don’t know how to code, so I am stuck at the VS code step.
yes I know you can input code another way, you can use text file to put codes too, right, except I don’t know how to code.

I want step by step instructions on how to do it, there is no shame on not knowing how to do it, I don’t know it, no one replied here knows how to do it. you don’t need to say go use another software (especially in an openhab forum)

That’s the same as someone who needs a leg surgery, while most people don’t know how to(and that’s ok), what that someone doesn’t need is “The History of famous leg surgeons” and “Just use a clutch, isn’t that easier? it may not have the reliability you desire.”

My point is you may have chosen the wrong solution for your desired goal.

has been done before the creation of this thread.

the + symbol does creation items, but what to put for each slot? The smart plug has channel for voltage, what specific item should I make for this?

If it is as simple as pressing the + symbol, whoever wrote openhab would have just blend the process in one-go.

I am looking for a leg surgeon, not a clutch, but thanks for letting me know another option.

One of your screenshots shows the different channels of your device and shows the channel type, e.g. voltage is a number channel, so the reflective Item would be a number Item.

Please red the following in beginners section

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