Peer Homematic channel value to other item

Hello everybody,

Is there any way to transfer the values ​​of an external temperature sensor to the HM-CC-RT-DN as “actual_temperature”?
Would be pretty interesting for me.:sunglasses::sunglasses:
My current setup is: Openhab2 with homematic binding and Homegear server on the RPi3. Everything works so far perfectly! BTW: Thank you for doing this great job on Openhab!
In addition, I have a DHT22 which measures the temp in the middle of the room and sends the values ​​via MQTT to tOH2 as an item. Can I get this value somehow as “actual temperature” from the thermostat?
Regards, Jan

As far as I know this is not possible because the “actual_temperature” is a read-only value. This is a limitation of Homematic.


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Hmm…but it seems to be possible to peer the thermostat temperature with another homematic i.e. wall-thermostat within a hardware CCU.
I´m thinking about a virtual Homematic device, for example via homegear, an do the pairung with the homematic binding.

Is there no way?

Maybe there was a misunderstanding :slight_smile:

When the wall thermostat is coupled with a radioator thermostat it sets the “set_temperature” datapoint. You can do the same OH. Every thermostat has a channel “set_temperature” that can be set.