Permissions for shares from Openhabian install

I am about a week into my Openhub research and enjoying what I see so far. I am a little confused about permissions I should be expecting for the shares created by Openhabian. This is from a Ubuntu 18.4 LTS VM.

I can browse both the shares created by Openhabian from my Windows machine, but do not have write permissions. I’ve seen some comments and YouTube videos that at least implies I should have write access, for the credentials that I have configured from the Openhabian configuration tool. As I say, though, I only have read access.

Is that expected? I can start dinking around with permissions, I guess, but obviously want to understand what should be happening here.

Other than installing through Openhabian and setting the Samba password, I haven’t (intentionally!) done anything else in this context…

Thank you.

The config directory and it’s files should have the same user attached as the openhab-process is running as. On my openhabian PI install it’s openhab:openhab. Afaict I still use the default samba config provided by openhabian.

Try using the openhabian-config tool and select “fix permissions”. I think its under “apply improvements” but that should take care of all your permission issues including SMB share.

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Thank you @j.hoekstra and @H102. I think I see the problem. I’m never keen to use default usernames and passwords so, when I installed Openhab I specified a different account (i.e, not openhab).

@j.hoekstra is correct in that the config folder has user and group owners of openhab. However, when I run the openhabian-config tool and navigate to \System Settings\Change Passwords\Samba I see…

Fileshare account : “my_account” for configuration files

So I think I am between two stools here - the config folder has read/write permissions for openhab, but the account configured for the shares are my_account. The utility seems to allow me to change the password for the account using the share, but not the actual account.

I guess I can start messing with ACLs. But I am learning as I go here and I’m never eager to implement bandaids. I’m eager to understand why this happened, how I messed up (I didn’t really do anything that wasn’t presented to me as a viable step) and the most graceful way to resolve this.

Thank you again.

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I have set in smb conf:
create mask=0664
directory mask=0775
this is from the openhabian config.
If your custom user is member of the openhab group, this should give you a workable situation(even if OCD commands to have them all be the same user/group;)).
In general I don’t have issues as long as the group is correctly set for the custom user.