Permissions on openHABian

I have ophabian. When i do a fix permisions i see:

$ chown --recursive openhab:openhab /etc/openhab2 /var/lib/openhab2 /var/log/openhab2 /usr/share/openhab2

$ chmod --recursive ug+wX /opt /etc/openhab2 /var/lib/openhab2 /var/log/openhab2 /usr/share/openhab2

Did i forgot something?

OH3 does not use directories or files ending in openhab2. The 2 was dropped

Update to latest openHABian (1.6.2) which will install openHAB 3 by default.

Hi Hans-Jörg,

because i am struggling with my current installation of OH3. (openhabian 2.5.11 - upgrade to RC - upgrade to 3.0.0 release maybe it will be a good idea to start from scratch again with openhabian 1.6.2.

Is there any guideline already for the migration from OH3 to another OH3 system?
I don`t want to get rid of the configuration i did within the last 2 weeks.


I am no openHABian user, so cannot really say.
Start updating your openHABian to the latest version and then select stable openHAB branch.
Do an openHAB upgrade in openHABian, which schould keep cor existing config.

Anyway, a backup is really recommended.

Yes almost everything of importance:
to mention your openhabian version, your oh version, what you did and … what your problem is.

Guessing you have OH3 but are still on the OH2 branch, you will want to switch to the openHAB3 branch. And please explain what you did to end up like that. If you had selected menu 03 it should have switched branches, too.


When i log in to opabian via ssh i get also errror
sed: can’t read /var/lib/openhab2/etc/ No such file or directory

I Use openhabian v1.6.1-1021(01d4e59)

Yes i have a working openhab 3.

openhab had changes folder names, it is openhab, no longer openhab2 !!!

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I know but i expected that openhabian changes the directory to when you do a fix permission in the openhabian ssh console.

Update to latest openHABian 1.6.2 and try again. It has openHAB3 now as default.

Why? There’s no reason to think this is related. And you still didn’t answer most of my questions such as what you did to end up there and what your problem is.

You likely did not upgrade properly. Migrating should have you end up with the openHABian branch ‘openHAB3’. But you don’t even tell which one you are in now.