Persist everything except...?

(Johan F) #1

Is there any way to do this, if you have certain items with values of no interest that you dont want to save to your database?

something like:

Items {
* except xxxx : strategy = everyChange, everyDay, restoreOnStartup

(Oliver Stenzel) #2

Unfortunatly,no. The only way to exclude Items from persistence would be to create a Group (e.g.: gPersistMe), add only the items that you want persisted to that Group and restrict your persistence strategy to that Group.

(Johan F) #3

ok! thanks anyway

(bbubble62) #4

Has anything changed since may 2017?
I’ve a list of 200 items and only 1 needs to be excluded …


(Rossko57) #5


(bbubble62) #6

Clear, thanks!

(Rossko57) #7

There’s no subtle way to word it :wink:
You’ll have already found Groups as a way to manage selection.

I would think carefully about this though … persistence can eat up performance if you use every update with polled data Items and so on.