Persist everything except...?

Is there any way to do this, if you have certain items with values of no interest that you dont want to save to your database?

something like:

Items {
* except xxxx : strategy = everyChange, everyDay, restoreOnStartup

Unfortunatly,no. The only way to exclude Items from persistence would be to create a Group (e.g.: gPersistMe), add only the items that you want persisted to that Group and restrict your persistence strategy to that Group.

ok! thanks anyway

Has anything changed since may 2017?
I’ve a list of 200 items and only 1 needs to be excluded …



Clear, thanks!

There’s no subtle way to word it :wink:
You’ll have already found Groups as a way to manage selection.

I would think carefully about this though … persistence can eat up performance if you use every update with polled data Items and so on.