Persistance configuration missing in UI after migration to OH4

I have setup a new openHAB4 on a Raspi utilizing openhabian and a backup (option 50) from my current openHAB3 system.
After the installation with openhabian most of the necessary components are already installed, a few like InfluxDB i had to install via openhabian-config.
I am utilizing 2 persistance service: MAPDB for all items only needed after startup and Influxdb for all values where i use the timeline.
I would like to utilize the new persistance configuration in the UI of OH4.
Unfortunately i was not able to find this configuration option in the UI, also nothing in the documenation or forum.
Can anybody give me a tipp where in the UI I can find the persistance configuration?

  • settings
  • other add-ons
  • select the related addon ( influxdb / rrd4j / mapdb )
  • click on the blue gear symbol ( right upper corner )
  • click on ‘persistence configuration’

Thank you, it’s working now for me.
Is this somewhere in the Release notes or other documentation?
I have read a lot but can’t remember that i have seen this someware.
best regards

The settings are back in the usual location in 4.1