Persistance on Windows which database / approach is best

I am using windows for openhab

I first looked at influxdb for persistance since there seem to be good tutorial and a lot of usage.

But it seems not so easy to use Influxdb in a windows machine.

so for persistance in Windows - what should I use?

In fact it should be easy to run InfluxDB on a Windows machine, just download the zip file, unzip it, configure InfluxDB, startup InfluxDB.
You have to place the files outside C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files(x86)\

There is a command line client which you have to use to get access to InfluxDB (other than openHAB) though, but it comes within the zip file. You have to use this client to setup the openHAB database, so that’s the most “complex” thing when setting up InfluxDB on a Windows machine.

Of course you can use other database engines, but most of them will require more or less the command line to configure, I don’t know if there is a jdbc (middleware for openHAB access to SQL databases) module for Access, Firebird or MSSQL Server, and to be honest, I’m pretty sure they are way more complex to set up.

I am using MySQL, workgs great.

I like mysql with grafana

on this page for Influxdb
I find

I copied the Https:/… to Chrome and downloaded the Zip file. After unzipping I get a couple of files as below - they have no file ending such as .exe.

I am not sure how to use the files
is there a need for some compilation?

I have thought of MySql also - maybe using both InfluxDB and MySql if they are good at different tasks.

@vossivossi and @eduardo.andrz - are you used to set up databases or did you do it due to need for Openhab?

DO you think MySQL was fairly easy to set up?

Are you using only MySQL and/or do you see any reason for using other db as well?

I am kind of asking how easy it is for a novice in setting up databases.

I do have understanding of databases and have used SQL towards databases - but I have never set one up.

Sorry, seems that this is changed since last time I tried…

Please rename at least influxd to influxd.exe and influx to influx.exe

Start influxd.exe (best do this from a cmd line, window width extended to something like 160, just to have a nice output)

You are able to provide a config file by using influxd.exe run -config <path/to/your/config-file>, propably best is to put it right at the same place.

To get information about the configuration file, please refer to but for a first try, you can omit the config file completely.
After starting influxd.exe, start influx.exe from another cmd line to get access to the database (this is very similar to mysql command line)

No, it was my first MySQL Database I ever set up and I indeed just did it for OH.

I searched a bit in the forum and found some hints which helped me to get along really easy. Of course, you need to study a few docs but following the instructions it all worked.

Just give it a go and try it yourself! :wink:

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@JanSjo, I am completlly newbie. But once you configure the mysql, is a very robust and reliable database.
Following the tutrials was possible to install and set the database.
I have had a trouble with the database IP address (since I am using a local mysql and I was trying the same IP of my openhab, however should be the - my local host).
A part of this, it was easy to store data into the mysql.

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