Persistence and "and" group aggregation


I’m new here so please forgive me my ignorance. First thank you so much altogether, I wouldn’t have made it without you. For about two years all my questions have been asked and answered before.

But now I facing a problem that I can get my head around and I haven’t found it asked before, at least nothing concrete.

I have a running and stable openhab2 on openhabian. It includes group aggregations e.g. on average temperature but also on closed windows and items battery status.

Lately I installed influxdb and grafana, which was the only “major” change.
All is running well apart from…

Since approximately then the “and” group item aggregation don’t work any more. They are and stay in status undefined. The Av.Themerature groupitem seem to work fine.
Reboot, redeploy item definition etc. all has been tried.

My question: It is not too problematic to workaround this problem, but is this a problem anybody else is facing as well?
It is possible the persistence can interfere here?

If yes, I can do some tests around that, but I woudn’t like to turn my system upside down for such minor problem.
On the other side I don’t want to deploy add. rules that i don’t need. The system is growing to fast anyway.

Thanks and best regards


Post your Group definitions.

Do ALL of the members of these Groups have a non-NULL state? If any of them is NULL I think the Group’s state will be NULL when using AND or OR aggregation functions. I think this was result of a change in 2.2, maybe 2.1.

Hello Rick,

thanks for having a look at this.

The group definition:
Group:Contact:AND(CLOSED, OPEN) gFenster “Alle Fenster [MAP(]”

for items like:
Contact iOG_Bad_FK “Bad [MAP(]” (gFenster) {channel=“max:shuttercontact…”}

No, I’ve just re-checked. It is windows close or not and battery low.
So null or undefined is very uncommon. Typically only on startup. And right now all of them are defined, and the groupitem is undefined.
and the items:
… sorry only one image… believe me, all windows are “zu”

thanks and best regards


one addition:
I still had a label in the sitemap. That was the reason for the difference “Alle Fenster” in the definition and “Fenster” in the image. I’ve changed that. I like to have all definition in one place, so killed labels in the sitemap.

And here are the items:

But unfortunately, althought not surprisingly, it didn’t change the problem.

Best regards