Persistence behavior when openhab2.0 is restarted


I have a binding which is working perfectly with openhab2. Sensors are updating the values perfectly. But, if openhab is rebooted, the values are not persisting. Should i install a persistence service to keep values persistent?

openhab is running on raspi.

Raju Namburi

Yes you should do so, because openHAB only restores values if the option restoreonstartup in the persistance configuration ist set. Depending on your requirements different services are available.

mapDB - Store only the last value. I use it for configuration switches
mySQL - Store a series of values with in a mySQL or mariaDB Database, I use it for temperature value
rrdj - Like mySQL, but data is thinned out over time. the older the data is the less values are stored. so the database size is limited

Hope this help a little bit.