Persistence configuration and Items persistence in paper ui

Hi there,

just a quick question. Is it right that there is no way to configure a persistence service in the paper ui. I’m able to install the binding, but have no chance to configure it without using config files?

And a second one. Since moving from mapdb to jsondb i migrate all items from item files to the paper ui jsondb. Works, but is it right that there is no way to persit an item. I was able to assign groups, but no persistence.


AFAIK this is correct. The persistence configuration has to be done in the respective .cfg and .persist files.

On the second one, also AFAIK this JSONDB storage is done automatically, you don’t have the set anything,

So i think that a persistence Field should be added, just like groups.


I sense a misinterpretation. AFAIK the persistence done by PaperUI is saving the setup, I. E. Nothing more then the saved .items file.
It is not the Persistence-service that saves the states of the items, like On or Off.

I don’t think persistence configuration is saved in JSONDB by paper ui. It’s not in .cfg files. I cannot find it though. Does anyone know?