Persistence in OH3.x

Hello everybody,

currently I’m cleaning my system and I’m updating all my “old 1.x” Bindings to Version 2.5.8.
I found a solution for nearly every 1.x binding.
I’m also using the persistence bindings “rrd4j” and “mapdb”.
I use it mainly for statistics (diagrams in sitemap and habpanel) and for “initial values” after system start.

So my question is:
Will there be a version3 of this binding?
Do I have to change to a other persistence binding?
-> If so, which persistence binding should I use.

Thanks a lot


rrd4j and mapdb persistence will be available in openHAB 3.0

OK, thanks for the info. Will the Binding than be upgraded from 1.14.0 to 3.x or will it still be possible to run the “old” 1.14 Bindings in OH3.x?

Persistence has already been migrated to openHAB 3.0, there will be no option to run any openHAB 1.x binding in oH3.

OK, this means, that the following installed bindings, will be updated to 3.x when I update from 2.5.x to 3.x?

Please check this thread

Upgrade existing configs from 2.5.x to 3.0 ist still on the roadmap afaik.

Apparently, rrd4j is installed by default.


Here is the MapDB version.

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OK, than I assume both persistence bindings will work after the upgrade…