Persistence MapDB not working

Pi3b Openhabian 2.2

Can you help please, why is my persistence not working?

MapDB persistence installed. I want to store the status for two dummy switches in case of a restart or power loss.
Openhab.log is all OK reads the persistence file without errors but the switches are “OFF” after restart even I switched them “ON” before restarting the PI3.
I also added to org.eclipse.smarthome.persistence:default=mapdb


Strategies {
default = everyUpdate

Items {
AlarmAussen : strategy = everyChange, restoreOnStartup
AlarmInnen : strategy = everyChange, restoreOnStartup

Have you reatarted openHAB before?
Check with RestApi if the persistece works.

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Two topics fore the same problem

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OK Thanks but how do I use RestApi?

You wrote two topics for the same problem - true but the first wasn´t solved and nobody answered!!

Maybe this helps

AlarmAussen, AlarmInnen : strategy = everyChange, restoreOnStartup
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OK I will try and come back, but is this really different?

install MISC REST Documentation and call http://< IP >:8080/doc/index.html

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Hi there,
Silly question but you haven’t mentioned if you have installed the mapdb persistence service.
Is your mapdb.persist in the $CONF/persistence folder?

Try deleting the mapdb.persist file
Uninstall the mapdb persistence service
Reboot the pi
Install the mapdb persistence service
Create your mapdb.persist file

Should work, I hope

Hi, yes persistence installed file is in the persistence folder.
You mean just uninstall and install again should help?

Yes, maybe
Wipe the persist file
uninstall the persistence service
install the persistence
create your file