Persistence on Location items

Hey guys,

As I updated my .items files using an external API, I found out that when I modify the file by adding a tag to an item (or removing it) resets the current state of the item to NULL.

This is not a big issue if I do it on items that are persisted, but I ran into problems with items that can not be persisted using the JDBC Mysql service.
Specifically, when trying to save data for Location items, JDBC shows a warning saying there is no way to generate the table for that item.

I tried some workarounds on this (saving item state as a String and then persist the String, then on System started put the state back into my Location item), but I hope there is an easier way to handle this.

Use MapDB for restoreOnStartup. It can persist all OH Item types, works faster, and only saves the most recent value which makes it a better fit for Items where the only reason you are saving them to the database is to restore it later.