Persistence with OH3, JDBC, mariadb

Quick question on persistence services with OH3. I’ve been using jdbc persistence with OH3 and a local mariadb (on the same rpi4) successfully for some time with no issues. Recently I’ve begun using a new nas and hosting the mariadb instance there. Again, successfully.

My question is in OH3 is it necessary to keep and maintain the jdbc.cfg file in the services directory? Or can I maintain the jdbc config exclusively through the gui under Other Services > JDBC Persistence Service.

I’m getting away from config files as much as possible so I’d love to be able to dispense with the jdbc.cfg file as well.


I think you can just use the UI for the JDBC config. However, if you have a .cfg file, that will take precedence over anything you do in the UI. Also, there is no way to configure the .persist file through the UI yet so that will have to still be in the conf/persist folder.

Thx much. I’ve just given it a try and after a reboot the config data seems to be retained in the gui now.
One more config file bites the dust :slight_smile: