Persisting User Defined Hue Scenes

I’d like to create way to store and retrieve the color settings for a set of Hue color bulbs and LED strips from within the mobile application.

The idea is to build a page with numbered buttons (i.e. 1-4) and a similar set on a ‘setup’ page. On the setup page, the settings for the bulbs would be stored. On the normal page, they would be retrieved and applied.

I am using OpenHabian and I’d like to use a very light weight persistence mechanism but MapDB and rr4dj don’t seem to be able to store values without using a specific date or they only store numbers. Is there a light-weight storage layer that is recommended for something like this? A name-value pair storage that could be called directly to store the HSB string (e.g. “354,98,100”) for each bulb?

store(“Color_FloorLamp-1”, Color_FloorLamp.state)




Here you can find my solution. I think it is similar to what you are looking for

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