Persitence concepts (and later Grafana...)

I have a small but growing set of items, and going from simple lights and power outlets only to also have some sensors I feel that persistence ans graphing would be nice.
I have a Synology NAS, so the obvious choice is to use MariaDB on that. No problems there I guess? The “JDBC Persistence MariaDB” add-on will work for me?

I don’t find all that much info on a basic level, but if I use this particular add-on, will that determine (based on the strategies) everything regarding tables and columns?
Do I have the freedom to have my own set of custom tables that I can feed from the rules? Not that I know right now that I need that, but I would like to know what the landscape I’m about to enter looks like.



Please have a look at:

Regarding the structure on the database, the binding will create the sturcture and tables.
I am afraid but you have no say in what the binding does, unless of course you can modify it.
If you want to use your own set of data in a database, you will have to do that through an external tool like python, node or scripts.

works for me on a DS214play. :slight_smile:

the binding handles everything for you, creating the tables and populating them. You don’t get to choose the data structure

Avoid changing item names, otherwise that will create a new table.