Personal Widgets

The user widgets are now so confusing for me that I would like to ask the question: can I achieve an alphabetical order and what do I have to do for it?

thanks in advance

We need much more information.

Alphabetical order of what?

Which UI? You talk about widgets but this is the sitemaps category.

If MainUI, what kind of widget?

Alphabetical based on what property?

This is going to require much more context before a sensible answer can be provided. What exactly are you trying to order? Widgets on a page? Output from a repeater? Something else?

If you look at the most recent version of the docs, there’s a whole new page that collates information on working with personal widgets which may help alleviate some of your confusion:

Note that some of the information on that page only applies to the latest milestones and snapshots, however.

Sorry if I used the wrong rubric. That was not my intention, maybe the question can be moved by a moderator.
What is meant is the alphabetical order according to the names of my self-created widgets.

You can find them at:

Settings/Page/any page/Add Column/+/Personal Widgets

see also here:

Hmmm, I don’t create Pages much myself so I never noticed. In other contexts the list is presented alphabetically.

I’d call this a bug and an issue should be filed.

I haven’t reported a bug yet. Explain me briefly what to do?