Phenomenon with Zwave Motion Sensor Translated with

I have a Z-Wave ZME_UZB1 Me USB stick. That’s where my Zwave sockets are tuned in. I´m using OH 2.
Now I added a Motion Sensor FGMS-001-ZW5 v3.2 to the binding.
The device is properly detected and bound.
However, the sensor does not return any events at all. The motion sensor movement is confirmed by the coloured LED. There is no transfer to openhab, at least there are no entries in the logs.
How could that be? What’s going wrong?

Try to set association group 1 to The Controller in Habmin.

Thank you for the advice. I have assigned the sensor to the association group openhab. I hope that’s what you mean.
Now Openhab will get messages from the sensor. Somehow I get the impression that not all messages are transmitted. Is there a delay?