Philio PAN08 Z-Wave Rollershutter does not report percent values

The shutter Item (Type rollershutter) reports me only the values 0 (=open), 100 (=closed) and in between there are only 2,3 and 4.
It is not possible for me to move the shutter to a certain position.
Is it possible to calibrate the switch so that it knows the values in between?
I can’t find a way to do this.
With another switch I have the Manual Calibration at the Thing configuration.
where can I find something like this on the Philio?
Thanks in advance.

My PAN08-1a reports the position in percent. And I can set it to a certain percent value and the rollershutter is moved to that position.
Prerequisit is a proper adjustment so that the motor itself “knows” the uppermost and the lowest endpoints and stops the motor accordingly. As there is no communication between the PAN08 and the motor except for switching the required cable to on and off, I assume the PAN08 learns the position by moving the rollershutter between the endpoints and timing a full run.

I see three possible differences between our systems:

  1. A different PAN08 version
  2. Different item definitions
  3. Different parameter settings in the rollershutter thing

My PAN08 reports this in the XML file:

version: 4
manufacturer: 0x13c

My item definitions:

Rollershutter  Schlafen_Rolladen_Steuerung      "Schlafen Rollo, geöffnet zu: [%d %%]"          <rollershutter>    (gSchlZi)               { channel="zwave:device:xxxx:node20:blinds_control" }
Number         Schlafen_Rolladen_Szene          "Schlafen Rollo, Szene [%s]"                    <info>                                     { channel="zwave:device:xxxx:node20:scene_number" }
Number         Schlafen_Rolladen_Leistung       "Schlafen Rollo, akt. Leistung [%.2f W]"        <info>                                     { channel="zwave:device:xxxx:node20:meter_watts" }
Number         Schlafen_Rolladen_PowerFactor    "Schlafen Rollo, Power Faktor [%.2f]"           <info>                                     { channel="zwave:device:xxxx:node20:meter_powerfactor" }
Number         Schlafen_Rolladen_Verbrauch      "Schlafen Rollo, bish. Verbrauch [%.2f KWh]"    <info>                                     { channel="zwave:device:xxxx:node20:meter_kwh" }
Number         Schlafen_Rolladen_Strom          "Schlafen Rollo, Strom [%.2f]"                  <info>                                     { channel="zwave:device:xxxx:node20:meter_current" }
Number         Schlafen_Rolladen_Spannung       "Schlafen Rollo, Spannung [%f]"                 <info>                                     { channel="zwave:device:xxxx:node20:meter_voltage" }
Switch         Schlafen_Rolladen_Alarm_intern   "Schlafen Rollo, Alarm intern"                  <energy>                                   { channel="zwave:device:xxxx:node20:alarm_general" }

The parameter “Level Report Mode” (parameter 6) is set to “2”.

Hello Stefan.
Thank you for helping me.

With the XML file we are already identical:


The report mode is also set to 2 (percent) in my item.

I have created the item via the interface and not via text file. But also the settings are identical as far as I can see.

My channel:
Hello Stefan.
Thank you for helping me.

With the XML file we are already identical:

The report mode is also set to 2 (percent) in my item.

I have created the item via the interface and not via text file. But also the settings are identical as far as I can see:
My channel:

My Item:

And the log of a full close und open:

And yes: the motor limit switches (fully open/fully closed) are set and working properly.

Christian, I think you pasted the screenshot for the channel again as item?

In the channel configuration I have a “No” for “Invert percentage value”. That should not matter but who knows? When you change it for testing purposes, maybe you should restart OH afterwards just to be sure.

I have changed the post above. The screenshot of the item is inserted.

The “Invert percentage value” has no influence. this only swaps the 0 and the 100 at open or closed. I would like to have 0=open. But in reverse I have the same behavior

I have not tried a restart yet.
I will try, but I assume that the calibrations are stored in the Philio switch.

Thanks :slight_smile: I did a test last night, unlinking the channel from my item in the items file, defining another rollershutter item via GUI and linking the channel to that new item. Everything worked as before, including the move of the rollershutter to a certain position (50%). The difference to your item definition was a very simple item definition on my side, no semantic classifications etc, just a plain item with a channel link, nothing more.
(It was a bit odd I was shown a position of 40% in the admin GUI after moving to 50%, but as there is no real measurement of the position I thing we have to accept this inaccuracy.)

When you stop the movement in between the end positions, what is shown as percentage in the admin GUI in the blinds_control channel?

Here is how it looks on my side:

Sementic Classification should have no effect on functionality.

Yes. The blinds control channel reports back when I drive manually and stop in between. Already a little bit and it jumps from 0 to 2. At about half from 2 to 3. And just before complete close to 4 and then to 100.

I will start all over again. Exclude, reset, reconnect etc.
I will report back.

I don’t think you need to exclude the device, that won’t make a difference. Deleting and and afterwards recovering the thing within the Inbox should eliminate everything that stems from changes within the binding.

Hello Stephan.

That was it. Has worked.
I have deleted items and Thing.
Added new items via the binding.
Now it reports percentages between 0 and 100.

Why that was wrong, I do not know.
But thanks for your support and hints.


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