Philio PAT02-A

@chris I just found out that the Philio PAT02-A alarms don’t work. There was an alarm_general channel configured, but the device has an alarm_burglar and an alarm_flood channel. I’ve compiled my own binding with those channels and the alarms worked perfectly. I’ve just added the changes to your device database and requested a review.

I also don’t know what the sensor_binary channel does. Do you know what this channel does?
Edit: I found out that the sensor_binary channel it the case tamper alarm.

Sometimes the same ‘events’ are linked to multiple command classes - so often the sensor_binary is linked to the main alarm type (eg movement if it’s a PIR sensor, door open if it’s a door sensor etc). I don’t know specifically for this device though.

I already found out that the sensor_binary channel is the case tamper alarm.

Hi, I just updated to the snapshot but I have still alarm_general instead of burglar and flood. Is the database already populated?

Did you delete the thing and add it back again? This is needed to update the definition.

Hi chris, thanks that’S it. I already uninstalled / installed the complete binding. :slight_smile: But deleting and adding the thing was the solution.

@TheNetStriker: I see that if an alarm was triggered it will not reset? Is it working correct with your installation/setup?