Philio PSR04 Z-Wave and OpenHAB1

I just bought two of those but I cannot make them work with OpenHAB 1. There is a thread related to OpenHAB 2 by @didroe but it did not help. I don’t think I know how to bind to it to get on/off and dimmer position information. I have managed to get it to report its battery level, so general communication seems ok.

When I press the button I get “Unknown command class 0x5b” in the logs. I tried binding using both BASIC and SWITCH_MULTILEVEL. With SWITCH_MULTILEVEL it complained “No command class found for item = z_Bedroom, command class name = switch_multilevel, using 0 refresh interval.” With BASIC it reports the error “Unknown command class 0x5b”.

Any suggestions welcome, otherwise I will be returning it. Thank you!

in this post you can see the correct item definition: