Philips Air Binding


Binding to support the integration with Philips Air Purifiers including the models based on COAP communication protocol (most >2019 models)

Note may require to (manually) install coap and upnp transport

feature:install openhab-transport-coap
feature:install openhab-transport-upnp


2021-11-04 Initial market place version.

Philips Air Binding is developed by Michał Boroński
(GitHub - michalboronski/openhab-addons: Add-ons for openHAB 2.x
Coap protocol support (this version) contributed by [Marcel Verpaalen] (Profile - marcel_verpaalen - openHAB Community)
Discussion topic in this forum: Binding request: Philips air purifier


@marcel_verpaalen Why not directly building a KAR file ? It will then install coap and upnp if necessary.

… maybe cuz I didi not know that would do the trick… and don’t know how to make a .kar file…

HeHe, quite simple :

mvn clean install karaf:kar
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Hello guys,
I am happy new owner of Philips 3000i series. I have connected through the addon and CoAP.
I am looking for a documentation how to switch between different modes.
Should I simply rewrite Mode channel from AG to something different?

Thank you,
otherwise much better comparing to Xiamoi Air Purifier 2S!

Yes indeed that’s the way, these are the values for some of the models:

				<option value="P">Auto</option>
				<option value="A">Allergen</option>
				<option value="S">Sleep</option>
				<option value="M">Manual</option>
				<option value="B">Bacteria</option>
				<option value="N">Night</option>
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I found mine are:
AG-Auto, S-Sleep, T-Turbo, M-Medium(1), M-Medium(2)