Philips Hue Binding Issues

Hey Guys! I have a few issues with the Philips Hue binding. I am currently not on the same internet connection as the hue bridge but I have the IPv4 for the ethernet adapter, IPv4 for the wireless LAN adapter and the default gateway for wireless LAN adapter.
i entered all these one by one into my Hue binding on OH and I always get a connection error saying that Hue bridge connection lost with the offline status.

Can I not connect to this binding while I am away from the local network?

We’d need a bit more detail to help, but I think what you might be doing is trying to access the Hue Bridge via the LAN IP Address (ie. As this would be an internal IP there is no way for you to get to it from outside your LAN.

What you would need to is configure port forwarding on the router, such that you connect to the public IP of the router and the packets get forwarded to the Hue Bridge.

I am a bit confused about your answer. Can you please tell me what kind of details you are looking for?

What IP Address is your Hue Bridge on? What is the IP Address of your OpenHAB? How are you trying to send data from OpenHAB to the Hue Bridge if they are not on the same Internet Connection?

thats what I want to figure out.Whether I can send data from openHAB to Hue Bridge if they are not on the same network.

This is possible, but does come with security risks depending on how it is done.

The simplest method which has the biggest security risk is to set port 80 to forward to the Hue Bridge on the router that the hue bridge uses for Internet Access. You would then use the Public IP Address of the router when configuring the Binding in OpenHAB. This would allow data from OpenHAB to traverse the Internet to the network where the Hue Bridge is located.

A better method, would be to link the two networks using a VPN which can provide better security.

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