Philips Hue Brightness Step

Is there a way to control the brightness fade speed, or step, for Philips Hue bulbs? In the documentation I found the syntax:

Dimmer	Light2_Dimm		{ channel="hue:0220:1:bulb2:brightness" }

This works, but doesn’t allow control of the step amount. The older documentation shows a syntax like this:

Dimmer <Item_Name> hue="<bulb number>;brightness[;<step size>]"

This has a parameter for step size, but doesn’t work in my .items file. I also tried appending a step value to the working syntax, but it fails to operate at all.

My end goal is to change the brightness level immediately with no fade effect.

I appreciate any direction. Thanks!

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the step size only controls by how much the brightness is increased/decreased if you send a IncreaseDecreaseCommand to the thing. It is currently hardcoded to 30. This means that if you send an IncreaseCommand, the brightness is increased by 30 (hue brightness is internally represented as values between 1 and 254).
I guess this is not what you’re looking for, though. What you need is to control the transition time, which is currently not possible with the binding. This is the related ticket.

As the workaround to control the transition time you can make a manual request to the hue api, as mentioned in this post.