Philips Hue ceiling lights and dimmer remote


This is what I’m trying to achieve:
Control my Philips Hue “Being” ceiling lights via the OpenHAB app (later maybe voice controlled) without the Philips Bridge.

My setup:
Raspberry Pi 3B +
Openhabian Image installed.
What I’ve done so far:
Installed homegear and connected a CUL-Stick to controll and monitor my MAX! Window contacts and thermostats. Thermostats can be adjusted via the app because I’ve set up “things” and created made a sitemap.

Then I read that you can flash a CC2531 stick so that you can control Zigbee devices. Stick ordered etc.
I’ve read two different ways of controlling zigbee devices, either with zigbee2mqtt or with the zigbee Binding from openhab2.

  1. zigbee2mqtt
    Zigbee2mqtt installed according to the instructions (
    MQTT mosquito server set up via the Openhabian config.
    Openhab MQTT Thing Binding installed and set up the MQTT Broker.
    Checked that the lights are supported. They are.
    So far so good…

The Philips ceiling lights are equipted with a dimm switch (Turn on, Turn off, Dimmer-up, Dimmer down).

I started Zigbee2mqtt with “npm start” and started the pairing on the dimmer switch (pressed the pairing button on the back of the switch for 10sec.)
And then hold the On Button till the ceiling light flashes a few times.

After that the buttons pressed control the ceiling light just like they did before and the button presses are logged by zigbee2mqtt.

zigbee2mqtt:info 4/2/2019, 8:40:09 PM MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/Philips_HUE_FLUR_EG', payload '{"battery":100,"linkquality":105,"device":{"ieeeAddr":"0x0017880104f117a4",		  "friendlyName":"Philips_HUE_FLUR_EG","type":"EndDevice", "nwkAddr":44465, "manufId":4107,"manufName":"Philips","powerSource":"Battery","modelId":"RWL021", "status":"online"},"action":"on-press","duration":0,"counter":1}'

Now to my question with zigbee2mqtt. How can I get it all done so that I can control my ceiling lights via the openHAB app without Philips Bridge?

Is Zigbee2mqtt the right way? Is there something that works easier?

  1. Zigbee Binding (steps 5-7 in thsi blog -
    I’ve also done this but didn’t quite get what i wanted. But heres what I did.
    Installed the Zigbee Binding.
    Setup the CC2531EMK Coordinator via the Inbox in Openhab and selected the correct port from my CC2531 Stick.
    When searching for new device in the inbox (Inbox -> plus symbol -> Zigbee Binding) I start pairing the Hue light. It flashes a few time which tells me that the dimmer switch is paired to the light again and two things apear in the indox from opehab.

    1. Philips LTC001 with two channels for colortemp and dimmer
    2. Philips RWL021 with a channel to switch it on/off

I added the channels to my items file. It all shows up in the app or Basic UI.
When I adjust the dimmer or the colortemp of the ceiling light they adjust but trying to turn them on or off i get the following error:

2019-04-02 21:37:26.425 [WARN ] [converter.ZigBeeConverterSwitchOnoff] - 0017880104F117A4: OnOff converter is not linked to a server and cannot accept commands

I think I’m a little further with the zigbee binding but what do I have to do to be able to turn the light on an off?

Thanks in advance.

I think you first need to install an Mqtt-Broker, like Misquitto or the embedded Mqtt-Broker in OpenHAB.

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