Philips Hue Color Slider Basic UI "wrong"


I added my HUE Lights in Paper Ui

so I have in Paper UI 3 Silders

with the Brightness Slider I can switch the lamp on and off.

So I add the Silder an a Colorwhell to my Basic ui

        Frame label="Flur" {
            Slider item=LichtFlur_Color icon="slider" label="Licht Flur [%s]" // Licht Flur
            Colorpicker item=LichtFlur_Color label="Farbe Licht Flur" // Licht Flur Farbtemperatur

The Problem is when I switch the Light of with the Colorwheel the slider stops in the middle, is there a way how I can “say” the slider "use the value “brightness” ?

If I understood your Question right, than is my Answer … add a Dimmer Item to Color Channel. The Dimmer Item controlls the Britghness

But in Paper Ui I can can’t Add a Dimmer only Item.

In the wiki you can see Colour Light does not support a
Brightness thing.

??? You can … :wink:

The Wiki says that there is no OWN Channel for Brightness … The Brightness is inside the Color Channel

This works :wink:

Thanks for your help!

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