Philips Hue Emulation - Rollershutter

i´m new. I installed a openhab system on a raspberry pi. Everthing is working, so far.
Now I want to control a rollershutter with my amazon alexa.
I have read that it would be possible without MQTT or IFTT, with the Hue Emulation. Is this
First, I set up the control with the http binding and an esp8266. This is working. Now I would like to additionally control with alexa. Is it possible to combine these two control options?
What should the item and the sitemap file look like? Could anyone post a sample?

Thanks !

Just follow the docs:

Hello sihui!
Thank you for your feedback, but I know the instructions. That did not lead me to the solution.
I played through the 4 examples, but I can not build a roller shutter push button with anyone.

Is that even possible, or is it not, since the hue is actually a controller for lamps …?

I need help with the item file command… or is there a better solution??

Thank you, for your support !

You need to tag your existing item with the tag [ "Lighting" ]
I’m assuming your item is working: