Philips Hue Firmware update kills 3rd party usage

Well, I chose the Hue bridge for its open API and therefore good support in OpenHAB. Also it was known, that quite a few 3rd party devices could be used with the Bridge (and thus by OpenHAB). As my main lights are of E14 socket type I cannot use the Hue bulbs, which are only available as E27 sockets. But it was no problem to pair the OSRAM Lightify E14 bulbs with the Hue bridge, until recently. 2 weeks ago Philips pushed out a firmware update for their Bridges (Gen. 1 and 2) which now actively prevents the inclusion of 3rd party devices. I was “lucky” as my setup still works, while other people reported that their existing setups stopped working. But adding other non hue devices is now impossible. If I have to reset the bridge, I will lose my setup and can not recreate it.

After this, I can only recommend NOT TO UPDATE if you own a bridge, and if you considered to buy a hue setup I strongly advise to RECONSIDER.

@Philips: this is NOT COOL. You’ve lost yourself a customer, not only for Hue devices, but also with other things.

N_Philips_Customers -=1

For reference:
Official “announcement” (post-update)

They just announced they are reverting this change, based on customer complaints: (in Dutch)

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Good news @l_grave

Well, we’ll see what this new update will bring…
First thing after installation will be that internet access for the bridge will be blocked.
Lessons learned:
Never install a firmware update unless

  1. You’ve read the release notes (never trust an update when there are no release notes).
  2. The update actually improves or implements a feature you use/need.
  3. Other users had time to report problems.

@Philips: you’re on probation…

So the Update for the Update was rolled out yesterday. Today I included a Dresden Electronic FLS PP into the ZigBee network. Works flawlessly and very responsive, nice colors as well. Like it was before they got locked out by Philips.