Philips Hue Hub Emulation


Was wondering if anyone has created a Hue Hub emulator for Openhab? I’m already using the Hue plugin to make my KNX light switches act as if they are Hue Bulbs. This is great, especially when connecting to my Amazon Echo. Works a treat.

Reason I ask, is I’m now trying to get my Harmony One remote to recognise the simulated Hue bulbs too, but the way the Harmony setup works is that it needs to talk to the Hue Hub first. My first instruction was to press the sync button on the Hub - bit difficult as I don’t have one :wink:

Any thoughts?


Thanks, yes I’m using this emulator. But this emulates the individual lights, but not the Hue Hub itself. Looks like the Harmony Hub needs to talk to the Hue Hub (assume over Wifi). Looks like Harmony have used the Hubs as their integration point, rather than accessing the bulbs directly.