Philips Hue LED strip & Fibaro RGBW controller?

Is it possible to use the Fibaro RGBW controller wired directly to the Philips Hue LED strip without using the Hue bridge? I seem to understand the strip itself is 24v and thus able to be powered by the RGBW controller, but there seems to be 6 cables? Or it absolutely have to be controlled by the Hue bridge?

Many thanks!

The Hue Bridge is not the LED controller but used to control the LED controller for the light strip. That said, if you have a LED controller that is able to use the strip you won’t need a Hue Bridge. Anyhow, if you don’t want to use the bridge, why do you want to use the Philips strips which are, in turn, pretty expensive? See Amazon you’ll be able to find plenty of 5-wire / 6-wire LED strips which are way cheaper.


Thanks for the response! I was thinking about using the Philips 1m extension strips on their own with the Fibaro controller without buying the 2m starter pack. My issue was trying to find a good quality LED strip, as the cheap Amazon ones are plagued with bad reviews, with a couple saying theirs caught fire and showing sorch marks, and an not-insignificant number saying their failed after a few months which made me somewhat nervous. It’s very hard to figure out which LED strip is good or not. I’ve eventually settled on a company called “Hi-line” - am hoping they’re decent.

You need an US store? In general if you want better quality you’re right, don’t look at Amazon but use stores specialized to LED products (except you want to buy known brands).

Unfortunately I’m not sure about Hue strips and the 6 wires but for Lightify strips it’s plain and simple 5-wire strip :slight_smile: