Philips Hue Motion Sensors with deconz hue bridge

Hi all,

I try to use a Hue Motion Sensor in combination with the deconz hue bridge.
The bridge and OHB are installed on a Rasbi and they are working Ok. I add some Osram smart sockets and I can switch them On / Off, looks easy.

But the Motion Sensor works not as expected. In the Bridge interface app and in the deconz-rest API I can see the Motion sensor and his activity. But in OHB, I get not values, nor lux or motion status changes and the logs showing nothing.
I test sereral configurations, but what ever I try I get nothing.
Now, I have no further idea what I can do. Can anybody tell me was is necessary to find the root cause of this problem?

best regards

Have you installed the DeCONZ binding?

Yes, Deconz binding works together with the Hue binding. The Osram switches (ZigBee devices) working perfect. This is why i do not understand whats going wrong with the motion sensor.

The switches appear in the Phoscon-App as lights, so the hue binding cares about them. So you only know, that your Hue binding is working properly.
Did you set up the DeCONZ bridge of the DeCONZ binding properly? If so, new devices should show up in the inbox from PaperUI (The discovery service of the deCONZ binding was not working before OH2 snapshot 1549, so you need a later version, e.g. 2.5.).

OK, I see that OH2 2.5.0 was released. How can I update my installation? Via openHABian configuration tool? And yes I make an Image backup before I start the update (-:

But one question was open for me: why did the Osram switch do what the should do an the Philips motion sensor is quite dead? Both of them showing in the Things View the status Online, so that I interpret this as established connection.

Yes, you can update via the openhabian configuration Tool.
Please share your thing and items configuration for the motion sensor.