Philips Hue Multiple Pairings

I have my 2 openhab servers both that need to be able to speak to the hue bridge.

I noticed today when i was playing with one of my servers that its asking for the pairing button to be pressed. Can the hue only be paired with 1 system?

If this is the case, does anyone have any suggestions on how to incorporate some sort of proxy between my openhab cluster and the hue?

Hi Jason

Question is: What do you mean with [quote=“crankycoder, post:1, topic:4696”]
playing with one of my servers

If it means restarting the server, there was an issue in the binding which leads to the problem but the binding still working. This should be fixed for manual download but probably not for apt-version (at least I didn’t notice an update). I personally can’t see a reason why only one OH system can be paired besides, maybe, don’t use the same hue-secret on both…



  1. playing with server = me just messing around and trying to make some changes :smile:

  2. i don’t even know if i am using the pair key. I think i have been just watching the log and waiting for that “pairing message” and hit the pair button on my hue. ill play around with the pairing value and hard coding in the ip. that may get me where i need to be. Thanks!!!