Philips HUE vs. IKEA TRÅDFRI bulbs brightness

Not sure where to post this so bear with me if this is not the right forum…

I have long wanted to dim my lights more that the TRÅDFRI bulbs allowed, so I finally bid the bullet and bought a Philips HUE bulb to compare with.

I have made a small youtube video to try to show the difference between a white HUE and a white TRÅDFRI. (806lm vs. 1000lm):
My impression is that 1% on TRÅDFRI ~ 30% on HUE and
100% HUE ~ 80% TRÅDFRI.

And yes the difference in both cases a noticeable. So unfortunately there is no “one size fits all” bulb :frowning:
Also I got the feeling that the TRÅDFRI did dim a bit “warmer” in color.

Here in Denmark the TRÅDFRI bulb is almost half the price of the HUE, so that is also an important factor.

Let me know what you think, and feel free to ask questions if there is anything you want me to test out.

100% on hue = 80% on tradfri makes lots of sense. As Hue has 80% of the lumens of the ikea bulb sited.

the 1% – 30% does not make sense but could be how the binding and bridge control the bulbs at lower levels. Although, that seems like a large skew. However maybe it is related to the same 800 vs 1000 lumen difference. I am not sure how linear some of these things really are. I know on my hue lights the lower brightnesses seems to not have much variance as compare to my tradfri. Basically, I am saying the tradfri appear more linear in their brightness.

Yes you are right. Didn’t think about that, since I did not expect them to be anywhere near linear.

Both are controlled using the ZigBee binding directly, trough a TI CC2531 so I would not expect any differences there.

But yes I also expected the bulbs max brightness would make a difference on the minimum.
Unfortunately I don’t have a 600lm TRÅDFRI bulb to compare with.

The worst part is that it probably wouldn’t have been so difficult for IKEA to have constructed the TRÅDFRI to go lower, after all I’m sure it at least have 255 levels internally.

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