Phillips Hue Bulb Not Working

Hello, my Hue bulb for some reason is not working:


This throws an error:

Ambiguous feature call.
The extension methods
Number) in BusEvent and
sendCommand(Item, Command) in BusEvent

My Item declaration:

Color HueBulb "Hue bulb [%s]" <light> { channel = "hue:0210:001788147d0c:1:color" }

All I am trying to do is set the Hue bulb to red when the stove is on. Any idea what could be wrong?
Help would be greatly appreciated.

See Ambiguous feature call - Whats wrong? - Designer, User or Bug? for a description of what the Ambiguous Feature Call error means.

See Type Conversions for a discussion of Types and how to convert from one type to another. There is a Color section.

In this particular case I think if you do one of the following it will work:

HSBType::RED as Command
HSBType::RED as Number

This will help the Rules engine avoid the ambiguous method call.

Now I see what was wrong. Thank you so much!