Phillips Hue Dimmer Switch


I’ve got my Hue binding working fine with my bulbs and sensors and rules running perfectly.

I did originally have some ‘funnies’ where the behaviour was a little sketchy but I realised that the default settings in the Hue app for the sensors and bulbs were fighting OH for control. I’ve since gone through them in the Hue app and set their actions to ‘do nothing’ and now all is fine.


The dimmer switches…the damn dimmer switches…

The only option that doesn’t turn bulbs on or set scenes that I can set these to is ‘last on state’ which isn’t necessarily what I want them to be.

So, I’ve got rules in OH trying to control the bulb when the dimmer switch is pressed but the dimmer switch from the Hue app doing something different.

Has anyone out there managed to integrate the dimmer switches properly, and if so how?!?!