Physical switch / button next to front door for home/away, what do you use?

Let me explain.

I want to make physical switch /button I can hang next to my front door that I can program whit actions for when I’m leaving the house (light off, Sonos off, ect….)
So a button everybody can press witch can start multiple scene (leaving home, returning)

What hardware do you use? Preferably battery operated, Z-wave ?

or another brilliant idea :wink:

If you carry an Android mobile device that can communicate with RFID tags, you can stick an RFID tag near your door, and when you hold the phone up to it, it can either turn a switch ON or OFF, or toggle it to the other state. A physical switch might be more convenient, but this gives you the added security of knowing that only people who can access your openHAB system can use the tag.

Hi John,
Thanks for your response

That is a good option for ME , but not for older people.

as my father, for example comes to feed the cats, it’s easier to say just press the button next to the door.

So I’m looking for a button kind of solution (no phones, NFC or presence detection)

But thanks for you input

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How about an Amazon Dash Button?
They are cheap, even portable.

I’m using a Fibaro FGD-212 zwave dimmer to power my frontdoor lantern. Its physical switch was already there, next to my front door, on the inside. I installed the FGD right below it. You can configure it to send SCENE_ACTIVATION on triple-click which is what I use for my ‘leave house’ scene trigger. Single and double clicks keep operating the lantern.
You can also attach another physical switch. That one is freely configurable what’s to happen on single, double, triple click, click-and-hold etc. I’ve attached an outside physical switch to it, to allow for selected actions from the outside. Triple-click triggers the same scene as the inside switch does … useful if you closed the door but forgot to click on the inside.
On single click I could have e.g. the door bell ring.
If you don’t have mains power anywhere, you could use a Fibaro “The button”. I strongly advise to go for a mains powered device, though.

Fibaro The Button - robust, decent battery life, integrates easily. Much more expensive than a dash button, but much better looking.

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^^^^^^^^^ This.

All, very good advice

I will investigate this options and look which is the best for me