Pi-hole running on Openhabian?

Hi all, I am wondering if anyone if running pi-hole on their Openhabian machina? Would this be a bad idea, or do you think a Ras Pi 3 could handle both services?

Thank you.

I have both Openhab2 and Pi-hole running on the same raspberry pi 2 that is using the openhabian image, yes. Getting worried for my sdcard but everything is working fine for now.

Thanks Matt. Do you see any sluggishness at all? Does pi-hole take up a lot of SD card space? I have a 16GB card, but have about 10GB free.

No sluggishness and you are totally fine on space. My card is only 8gb stolen from an old phone. We need to be more worried about the lifespan of our sdcards in general compared to using a true hard drive.

Great, thanks Matt.

Did you get the current versions including DHCP up and running?

I can’t get it to work, currently debugging the issue with Pi-hole guys: https://discourse.pi-hole.net/t/dhcp-not-working-with-too-few-arguments-error-log/10825

By the way: they have an beta branch (FTLDNS) that doesn’t require heavy logging anymore, thus saving SD card write cycles

I’ve installed Pi-Hole on my openhabian-image. but currently, Pi-Hole isn’t used as DNS in my network. I will enable this soon.

If you didn’t know: you can get very easy the general Pi-Hole statistics in your openHAB by HTTP Cache and JSONPath transformation from the Pi-Hole API (http://openhabianpi/admin/api.php).

Hi everybody! I am newbie in both piHole and Openhab. I successfully installed them on two separate SD cards. And separately they work perfectly. But I need to use them on one SD card. Is this really possible?