PI2b and PI3b GPIO pins not working with OH2 on Jessie

I just started using OpenHAB2 and it did take me a day or two to get INSTEON working with it, but following the instructions step by step did work. That being said I am using Pi2Bs and Pi3Bs for projects and the GPIO binding had me really stumped. Everything with the GPIO and the sensors and relays worked outside of OpenHAB2 but nothing with it. This is for all the newbie’s like me struggling who could not find the simple solution listed anywhere on the dozens of pages I read through and tried.

The solution isn’t so obvious but after you install OpenHAB2 and installed the addon package you need to also install the legacy addons for OpenHAB2. sudo apt install openhab2-addons-legacy This immediately and effortlessly eliminated all the issues I had. Maybe it’s out there to do this somewhere but I could not find it and would have been great information to have as I was following the install instructions.

Hopefully someone else finds this usefull.

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A lot of people have trouble getting the GPIO binding working in OH. A step by step tutorial showing what you did to get it to work I think would be greatly appreciated, in the Tutorials and Examples section.