Pi4 8GB RAM worth it?

i’m right now on a RPI4 4GB, next to me a virgin 8GB Raspi.
If someone has experience, is it worth to swap the two SBC boards…some youtube videos i’ve seen could not show any performance improvements in comparision to pi4 4gb. Only i could think of OH which is java-based and in general more resource hungry.

Thanks for feedback,

No, it doesn’t matter if it’s 4 GB or 8 GB, but you need to use the 64 Bit Mode for 8 GB, and that’s a bit tricky. There is no reason to use the 8 GB version for openHAB.
Of course you could use docker to use the Raspberry for more than just openHAB, but this also is not recommended. :wink:

An easy way to tell is to run htop or your resource monitor of choice. Look at the RAM readings. If you are using swap or running out of available RAM then you would benefit from more RAM. If not then more RAM isn’t going to change anything. Even though OH is Java, given all that it does it’s really quite easy on the RAM requirements once you get above the 1 GB RPi 2s and 3s have.

Nope, it isn’t worth it. Even the introductory openHAB docs tell you.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, also for the hint regarding the DOCs. its really documented close to the my question. Will stay with Pi4 4GB.

Not sure what 8GB hardware will be used for…