Picture-Links to Cameras sometimes not displayed on local-connection IOS-App

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Intel X64
    • OS: Windows Server 2016 Standard
    • Java Runtime Environment: 1.8.171
    • openHAB version: 2.3 RTM / 2.4.1309

I use some Picture-Links in my sitemap to Display camera-Pictures.
i use the following Syntax:

Text label="Kameras" icon="camera"{
	Frame label="Eingang" 	     {Image url="http://user:password@192.168.0.X:80/image/jpeg.cgi" refresh=60000} 
	Frame label="Küche"	     {Image url="http://user:password@192.168.0.X:80/dms?nowprofileid=1" refresh=60000} 
	Frame label="Wohnzimmer"     {Image url="http://user:password@192.168.0.X:80/image/jpeg.cgi" refresh=60000} 
	Frame label="Arbeitszimmer"  {Image url="http://user:password@192.168.0.X:80/image/jpeg.cgi" refresh=60000} 
	Frame label="Partyraum"      {Image url="http://user:password@192.168.0.X:80/image/jpeg.cgi" refresh=60000} 
  • When I query the pictures with IOS-App (Local Connection), only the first and the last Picture are displayed
  • When I query the pictures with IOS-App (MyOpenHAB-Cloud Connection), the Pictures are displayed correct.
  • When I query the pictures with a browser (Chrome, Edge, IE) in my local Network / or MyOpenHABCloud the pictures are displayed correct.

On Openhab 2.2 it works fine - with Openhab 2.3 RTM or 2.4.1309 it does not work correctly.
It is not a cache-problem. i have cleared the ios-app-cache. this has no effect.

I cant see any errors in the log file.
Any ideas?


I have exactly the same issue.

this bug is still there in the newest daily build of OH 2.4.
what can we do ?


This bug is still in Build 1424 - and nobody is caring for this……!

Does anyone have a working way to display a picture/jpg in the ios app that currently works? I’m using 2.4 stable and the only way for me is to use a HLS video stream which works great but far slower to open than a static picture and it takes over the whole screen hence why I would prefer to have a static picture and then only open the stream if I want to view the live stream.

Found that using webview does seem to be a work around but would need a html file created to resize the picture to fit on your screen nicely as the pure picture url gives a massive picture that is zoomed in and not able to be moved. Does not work as well under Andriod thou :frowning:

I have exactly the same issue. Also with the Beta iOS App. :frowning: