Pioneer Binding Blu-ray-Player

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I am new to openHAB and have my first issue already. I have a Pioneer AVR (SC-2023) and a bluray player BDP-450. Using the Pioneer AVR Binding both devices are discovered. The SC-2023 seems to be unsupported but it can be controlled and this works without any issue.
My problem is the bluray player. I don’t seem to find an existing binding for it. It is discovered as an AV device but cannot be controlled, it simply has the wrong controls set.

Is there an already existing solution to this? I cannot imagine to be the only person owning a Pioneer bluray player.

I will be thankful for any advice.

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I have a Pioneer BDP-160. It is running with OH2. But I programmed my own binding. I took sourcecode from pioneeravr binding and changed: and The commands are different from AVR.
My binding is not for the public, because unneeded commands from pioneeravr like: Volume, Display, Mute, InputSelect are still in my own binding.

In my case, the following is running:
Power on: PN
Power off: PF
Play: PL
Pause: ST
Stop: 99RJ
Open: OP
Close: CO
next track: A181AF3D
prev track: A181AF3E

I don’t know the commands of BDP-450, but
you can easly test above commands using putty.exe.

Download here:

Host Name (or IP address): IP address of YOUR BDP-450
Port: 8102 (in most cases), (sometimes: 23)
Connection type: Raw

Fill in an above mentioned command and press [ENTER]

Hi Aex,

many thanks for your reply. I really appreciate this. I am pretty sure the commands for BDP-450 should be the same, I basically need only power on and off. I will test this in putty once I have time for this, pretty busy at the moment.
I didn’t bother with binding programming because I didn’t have the time so far but I will probably have to. Your hints on where to do the changes will be really helpful.

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