Pioneer Binding Update Dokumentation

After the Update of the PioneerAVR Binding now supporting multizone, the documentation is not up-to-date anymore.

Here you can see an example for the item definition

/* Pioneer AVR Items */
Switch vsx529PowerSwitch        "Power"                             (All)   { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvrUnsupported:vsx529:zone1#power" }
Switch vsx529MuteSwitch         "Mute"                  <none>      (All)   { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvrUnsupported:vsx529:zone1#mute" }
Dimmer vsx529VolumeDimmer       "Volume [%.1f] %"       <none>      (All)   { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvrUnsupported:vsx529:zone1#volumeDimmer" }
Number vsx529VolumeNumber       "Volume [%.1f] dB"      <none>      (All)   { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvrUnsupported:vsx529:zone1#volumeDb" }
String vsx529InputSourceSet     "Input"                 <none>      (All)   { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvrUnsupported:vsx529:zone1#setInputSource" }
String vsx529InformationDisplay "Information [%s]"      <none>      (All)   { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvrUnsupported:vsx529f:displayInformation#displayInformation" }
Dimmer vsx529Volume             "Volume"                 <sun>      (All)   { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvrUnsupported:vsx529:zone1#volumeDimmer"}

The thing defintition has to look like

pioneeravr:ipAvrUnsupported:vsx529 [ address=""]

Adding a port see:

Which update? I’m still running OH1.8.3 and my Pioneer binding keeps throwing exceptions every now and then, but I haven’t looked further into it.
Are there any recent updates/fixes/… to the 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT, too ?

I believe this is related to

The documentation needing an update would be this file. Please help by proposing the needed change to this file. If you are not familiar with GitHub, you could also do that here.

I will make a PR for the documentation within the next days…

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