PIR/Door Sensor Project!?

Looking for advice and recommendations for a project I’m about to start. I want to have multiple PIR Sensors and Reed Switches on windows and doors and want to know which board would be best to control? Wemos d1 mini or nodemcu? Which software ie Tasmota or just Arduino code? Plus wanting to add an led into the PIR housing for when it senses motion. Any advice or input please?

in fact the NodeMCU board and the Wemos d1 mini are uite the same, be it that the latter has a smaller size.
I think the tasmota code is needlessly complicated for this and I suggest just some dedicated ‘Arduino style’ code.
However, the Tasmota code in fact is also ‘Arduino’ code.
Some PIR sensors do have an LED already, but if not then it is just a matter of nimble fingers.
I have heard that the ubiquitous classic PIR sensors as available on Chinese webshopswould interfere with the WiFi, if placed too close to the ESP8266, whereas the somewhat smaller once that now pop up everywhere would not have that problem. I myselfnever experienced those problems