Planning to move to OH2

I am planning to move to OH2 and don’t want to lose the persistence data in mysql. I will be moving from one server to an rpi2. I can move the database but since the items are setup differently will the data still be linked to the correct items? I’ve got about 1.5 years of temp data and such that would just be nice to have historically.


Items are only setup differently in the binding blocks in that you map items to channels now. In theory, you can take your existing items files and just change what’s in the curly braces to point to the new channels. I would imagine the persistence data would stay the same, especially considering openHAB 2 is still using the openHAB 1 persistence add-ons. I can’t say for certain because I just started completely fresh in my case, but I believe the item states are what is being persisted, and I’m pretty sure that’s all handled the same way in openHAB 2.

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Thanks @gatekeeper6838, I just didn’t want to move a bunch of stuff over and it look like it’s correct but then find out it’s not. I’ll give it a shot soon, I’m pretty busy over the next week, and report back here for any one interested in the future.

I’m looking to do the same thing (except moving to a new VM). I know you mentioned you would update us. Please do when you have time. I’m going to start digging in myself soon but would love to share notes.

I moved to openHAB 2 and kept my Itemnames and i just run on with mysql and did not loose any data.


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I moved to OH2 and for now have it pointed at the old instance of mysql and everything seems fine. I would say you shouldn’t have any problems there. My main problems are running through all of the tentacles in my system as I through it together over the past 1.8 yrs. The astro binding is quite different from what I had in case you use that and I have a few zwave issues to work out still but nothing huge. I just haven’t really had time to do it.

Yup, I copied my database and restored it on the new VM, pointed OH2 to it and sure enough it works. That’s about the only thing though. MQTT, exec, network health… maybe others don’t work. My sitemap throws errors and locks up IE in classic UI. What a mess.

OH2 is very different. I think in a good way I just got to get things up and running. MQTT wasn’t hard to get up and running and network health was easy too. I’m not sure if my exec stuff is working correctly or not but it’s not a primary concern right now. It’s funny how much stuff yeah get automated and you don’t really notice it until it’s no longer automated!