Plans to support OH3 in Android App

Dear all,

OH3 is around the corner :wink:

I started to bring up the topic here [wiki] Building Pages in the OH3 UI: documentation draft (1/3) but this might be the better place:

Are there already concepts to reflect the new UI in the app?

Thanks for any comments…

Hey @Tobi77,
I opened a feature request for this in the GitHub repo:
It should be quite easy to display the new UI in a webview, like it’s done with HABPanel.

Great, thanks!

MainUI is nicely rendering, thank you!

But I always have to manually switch to it from BasicUI which is missing a sitemap.

Can I enable MainUI as the standard for OH3?

Not yet: Add option to select default view · Issue #2334 · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub


How can i switch to main UI? I have the latest fdroid beta

There’s an entry in the side menu called “openHAB 3 UI”. It’s only visible if you’re connected to an openHAB 3 server and if it’s turned on in the app settings (“Side menu entries” => “openHAB 3 UI”).

Openhab 3 UI works in new app. But it trims urls in links to bare host address ignoring parameters part. Example: ->


Where do you have this links?

Here for example:

    - component: oh-list-item
        title: Grafana
        icon: f7:chart_bar_alt_fill
        action: url
        actionUrl: https://somehost/grafana/d/000000001/doma?orgId=1

or here:

component: oh-webframe-card
    loading: lazy
  height: 400
  src: ....

None of the abowe works in Android APP invoked OH3 mainui. In browser works flawless.


Any progress on this ?


In latest beta action: url, with external link is fixed. Thank you. Problem with oh-webframe-card, still remains.


Thanks for testing! I’ll check the oh-webframe-card.

Both Firefox Desktop and the current beta version of the app display a warning that the embedded website in the oh-webframe-card doesn’t want to be framed and therefore doesn’t show it.

Did anyone try to still use the Basic UI for OH3 in the Android app? I don’t want to migrate my whole sitemaps right now (reasons are e.g that visibility is still not supported in the UI-sitemaps and migrating to the new OH3 UI is right now a lot of effort).
I have simply copied my sitemap files to OH3 and if I call the Basic UI url in a browser they are visible and accessible. But in the Android App when connecting to the OH3 server I only get the options “openHAB 3 UI” and “HABPanel”. Basic UI is not visible.

Basic UI is just a client for the sitemaps. They are still supported by the app. Can you post a screenshot of the side menu of the app?

It looks like it was just a caching issue. When I now wanted to do the screenshot the sitemaps appeared. :see_no_evil:

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