Plant Humidity Sensors - Looking for options

I have few plants at home (indoors) and would like to equip them with sensors that ‘remind’ me that those plants need water. Not after a fully automated watering system. At this stage what I’m primarily looking for is a sensor that sends a request that the plant needs water. I have 10+ plants, thus the system should be able to handle multiple sensors … wirelessly naturally.

There are some self-contained sensor+buzzer on Amazon, but I bet the sound from those would be pretty annoying. There are also few DIY options based on Arduino-like boards, but that might be more work than I have time for … :slight_smile:

Any in the community have experience and/or can recommend few viable solutions ?

Did you already have a look at Miflora?

There is a tutorial somewhere in this forum.

They are working with Bluetooth Low Energy.

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I’ll second the suggestion to look at Miflora, with the caveat that I don’t use them myself.

They are cheap and there is a server available through openHABian or you can get from GitHub that you can run on an RPi equipped with BT to receive the readings and transmit them to OH using MQTT. They offer temp, light, moisture, conductivity, and battery level.

@Confectrician & @rlkoshak

Thank you very much. Just ordered one from Amazon. I like the idea of the RPI ‘relay’, to take the BT messages and re-transmit them.

Beware of Miflora.
I bought one form amazon, worked perfectly for weeks, integrated it perfectly with OpenHAB using MQTT as suggested, had my Grafana dashboard with all graphs and info recorded about plant soil humidity etc.

Then all the sudden the sensor stopped working, tried to replace battery, but no way to have it send any data anymore or connect form the provided app.

Now I have a dead sensor, no way to get support form China. Also they sell it under different “brands” so not really sure I bought the official one from Xiaomi. Which product did you buy exactly (amazon link?)?

Many other experienced the same, see customers review in Amazon.

20€ trashed on a now dead sensor.

Mine is working for over one year without any problems. :man_shrugging: