Plase help me with docker openhab snapshot(Rpi1)

Hi guys, I recently install docker into my rpi1, which is armv61 pri, however I pull from the docker hub using 2.2.0-snapshot-armhf, it just can’t start, here is how I run, please take a look at it , thanks
sudo docker run --name=openhab --net=host --restart=always
-v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro
-v /etc/timezone:/etc/timezone:ro
-v /opt/openhab/conf:/openhab/conf
-v /opt/openhab/userdata:/openhab/userdata
-v /opt/openhab/addons:/openhab/addons
-v /opt/openhab/.java:/openhab/.java
-p 8090:8080
-p 8094:8443

did my rpi1 too old to run openhab? please help, thanks!

Running on RPi, at least RPi-2 is recommended.