Play a stream through openhab event to a Samsung multiroom speaker?

I have searched for multiroom, but no samsung support or binding to support these.

I have a Samsung R1 wireless speaker. It works fine from spotify etc. But is it somehow possible to connect it to openhab, and then stream a sound (mp3 or whatever format) from a rule?

Seems like samsung wireless speakers are using http get.

Now as I´m no good at these api calls, (I have only played with it for a short time using the Philips Hue bridge). I wonder if if would be possible to do this from openhab now?

Does it have UPnP? If so, check out this binding. There’s obviously no multiroom support, but you may be able to figure out the API calls for that. That’s what I did for my older Sony SA-NS400s, and use the UPnP binding for accessing the speakers as audiosinks.

I dont know if it use UPNP. It does have multiroom, but it´s Samsung´s own build.
I´ll have to dig deeper into the link above.

From a quick Internet search for Samsung R1, it does appear to support UPnP, as it is DLNA certified. So, you should be able to use the upnpcontrol binding with them. Just keep in mind that this is basically an alpha build with only a few people using it, but it has work acceptably for my purposes. If/when I can fit it in, I hoped to add some more features to it.

I´ll give the UPNP binding a try later, just to see how it goes… Thanks @5iver

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Just tried the UPNP binding. It didn´t find my Samsung R1.