Play radio stream on RX-V675

To be honest I’m not sure where I need to post this question;

I have several Yamaha RX-V675 receivers. In the past the receiver started to play the previous-played radio stream as soon as the ‘Net Radio’-source was selected. After one of the firmware-updates it didn’t play automatically anymore but the station needs to be selected on the display. As this is not possible from OpenHAB, I couldn’t put on the radio automatically anymore.

As some kind of workaround I’d add a Python DLNA-player to my OH-configuration which ran on a RaspberryPI, this makes it possible to stream a web stream to my receiver. I’ve used this for years.

A few months ago I migrated my OH to a Docker container on my Synology NAS. As I cannot use Python is this container, I cannot use the DLNA-player anymore.

Does anybody know how to send a radio stream directly to a YamahaReceiver?

Could it be that autoplay is turned off in settings of your receiver ?

@Wolfgang_S Thanks for your reply.
Today I’ve checked all setting (using the on-television screen) but I really cannot find anything that has something to do wilt autoplay.
Maybe I’ve missed the right menu, can you say where I should find these setting?

On Screen ( gear symbol on remote control ) => system => auto-play.
In that section you set which sources start to play if auto play is set to on.

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